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Product Owner Mini-Summit

Master Product Success: Succeed as a Product Owner with Key Lessons from 7 of the World's Best Product People

Join us for this new Mini-Summit featuring seven pre-recorded sessions handpicked from our most popular past events.
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Lessons from Product Ownership Thought Leaders


The Future of the PO Role

With Dave West

In this keynote, Dave helps us envision the future of the Product Owner role with Dave West, who is both the Product Owner and CEO of

He shares the PO inception story within the Scrum framework and its criticality in today's digital age.

How does this role bridge business and technology, and what does its future look like? Discover Dave's insights and explore how Agile principles help devise a clear vision for the PO role.

The Art of Cross Functional Discovery: How to do product discovery as a team sport

With David J Bland

Dive into the collaborative journey of product discovery with David J Bland, author of "Testing Business Ideas" with Alexander Osterwalder.

How do teams ensure they're not just building things right, but building the right things?

This keynote explores the essence of iterative development, user-centric design, and the power of learning from both success and failure.

Discover how getting closer to your customers through a design thinking mindset can transform your product development process.

How to be an Effective Product Owner

With Roman Pichler

In this session we talk about the Product Owner role, a critical role in the Scrum framework! What is this role's (desired) authority and its responsibility, and how it can be applied effectively?

We will also talk about one of the most important practices for innovation, the product roadmapping practices, and which ones work in an agile context!

Collaboration between SW teams and their Product Owners


Sustainable Collaboration between Product Owners and Development teams

With Jayme Edwards

In this session, we'll explore how software development teams and product managers/owners can collaborate effectively to build successful products.

From communication to product management techniques, we'll cover key tips and insights for effective collaboration.

It's Time to Rethink the Scrum Master and Product Owner Roles

With Michael Huynh and Craig Smith

In this thought-provoking session, Craig Smith and Michael Huynh delve into the ever-evolving landscape of Scrum Master and Product Owner roles.

As organizations grow, anti-patterns emerge, challenging the traditional definitions. With the rise of additional roles like Agile Coach and Release Train Engineer, it's time to reassess.

Join us in exploring whether these roles still fit or if we need to redefine them for true business agility.

Growing Your Business with Experimentation and Product-Led growth


Bringing the Experimentation Mindset to large corporations

Jacopo Romei

Jacopo started a Twitter thread with a provocative statement: "Can corporations validate their product ideas as startups do?"

He believes that most corporations can validate their ideas even better than startups. He shares a story about a coffee producer who wanted to create a new business model.

Starting by using Lean Canvas, Jacopo and the team identified ways to provide value and experimented with different ideas.

They eventually came up with the idea of trying coffee in a real Italian house, similar to the platform-based business of Airbnb.

Jacopo shares some tips for identifying assumptions, using analogies to think of new products and experiences, and finding ways to experiment cheaply.

During the interview, Jacopo summarizes the key steps of the story, including preparing arguments for the approach, focusing on validating the need, and finding ways to experiment cheaply.

He also shares some obstacles he encountered and how he overcame them.

Product Led Growth, Unlock The Growth Potential of Your Product

Wes Bush

Discover the game-changing strategy of Product Led Growth and revolutionize your business. 
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