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Product Owner Summit 2024
April 23 - 25, Online, LIVE and recorded
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Keynotes, 2024

Dave West
CEO and Product Owner, Scrum.Org
David J. Bland
Author, Founder, Agile / Lean Advisor
Phillip Starke
Product Owner, Agile Coach, Author
Jason Little
Chief Product Nerd
Steve Haupt
AI Expert, Speaker, Software Craftsman
Mustafa Yilmaz
AI Expert, Speaker, Agile Coach
Gary Cohen
Organizational Change Coach
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Aspiring for continuous experimentation

With Phillip Starke
Dive into the world of Continuous Experimentation with Agile and Product Coach, Phillip Starke. Go from product development without experimentation to leveraging user feedback for impactful results.
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AI In Product Development

With Steve Haupt and Mustafa Yilmaz
What is AI good for? Can we use it to help us in our daily tasks? How so? And what ethical considerations should we have in mind when adding AI functionality to our products? 
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Product discovery as a team sport

With David J Bland
How can we get the whole team to be part of product discovery? Discover Assumptions Mapping and other techniques to stay grounded, experiment and iterate quickly! 
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The Future of the Product Owner Role

With Dave West
How does the PO role bridge business and technology, and what does its future look like? Discover Dave's insights and explore how Agile principles help devise a clear vision for the PO role.
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The Robots Took Our BA's Job

With Jason Little
Join Jason Little as he explores the transformative power of AI and No Code tools in the tech industry.  Discover how AI is changing the game for Product Owners and software teams.
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Customer-Centric Product Ownership

With Gary Cohen
How do you make your product development process resonate with your audience? In this detailed and practical keynote, Gary Cohen takes you through the why and how of integrating customer feedback into product ownership.
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"I want to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication and for sharing your knowledge. To thank you for making the summit possible! I feel like I have read hundreds of books in a matter of minutes!"
Alina Lenuta Thapliyal
"I'm looking forward to rewatching the ones I missed.
Fantastic value for money - we definitely need to shout more about these events to our networkss. The content deserves BIG audiences"
Richard Smart
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Organizer Team, 2024

Alina Thapliyal
Michael Dougherty
Sini Alamäki
Fred Deichler
Soumaya Fares
Svitlana Korjus
Vasco Duarte
Podcast host, Agile Coach, Organizer
Pete Oliver-Kruger


  • Cross-Functional Product Ownership: 
    "Not every idea can be a great idea, but a great idea can come from anywhere." Pixar's Ratatouille  

    A product owner must be willing to listening to any idea, no matter the source. All too often, teams are held at arm's length from "the business" and blocked from talking to customers. How can we change this? What are you doing in your teams to bring all team members into the product design process?
  • Designing Product For Growth: Explore strategies for creating products primed for scalable growth. This track offers insights into integrating growth-focused methodologies from inception, combining practical strategies with innovative practices. Learn from industry experts how to design for increased sales, leads, and market expansion in a dynamic digital landscape.
  • Know your users: User-Centric Approaches for Agile Development
    This track focuses on mastering user-centric approaches in Agile environments. Learn about techniques for deeply understanding customer needs and preferences. Learn to transform insights into impactful UX designs and strategies, enhancing user engagement and satisfaction. Perfect for those looking to innovate through a customer-focused lens in Agile team settings.
  • Product Development with AI: Ideas for Product Owners       
    This track explores the transformative role of AI in enhancing product ownership and organizational impact. It's more than automation; it's about strategically leveraging AI to refine goals and optimize planning for maximal impact. Learn how AI tools can guide product owners in making data-driven decisions, thus elevating product success and organizational efficiency.
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Track: AI In Product Development with Vasco Duarte
Track: User-Centric Approaches For Agile Development
with Alina Thapliyal, Soumaya Fares, Svitlana Korjus
Track: Design Products For Growth
with Sini Alamäki, Paolo Di Capua
Track: Cross-Functional Product Ownership
with Pete Oliver-Krueger, Michael Dougherty

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April 23rd, 2024

Product Sustainability: Our Responsibility - A discussion for Product Owners who care about the environment

With Ines Garcia
Join Ines Garcia for "Product Sustainability: Our Responsibility", a crucial talk for Product Owners focused on environmental care. Learn about the business case for sustainability, debunk myths, and explore strategies like "less is more" to meet the Paris Agreement goals.
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Visual Storytelling for Product Owners: Unlock the Power of Visuals

With Stuart Young
Ever wondered how the power of visual storytelling can revolutionize product ownership? What you will learn in this transformative session with Stuart Young, a maestro in Visual Thinking and Agile methodologies: Stuart unveils the secrets to using visuals for clearer communication, decision-making, and driving innovation.
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LIVE Q&A: Leading with Moral Authority

With Nicole Derr, Michael Dougherty and Pete-Oliver Krueger
At the end of your life looking back, how will you wish you had acted in this situation? Leading with moral authority can be hard, especially in an environment where you're feeling pressure to do the opposite. But our teams, our products, our organizations, and even our communities need us, now more than ever, to lead with integrity, humility, and vision.
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Antifragile Product Management

with Prateek Singh and Fred Deichler
A basic assumption in product development is that customers will tell us the right thing to build. How would we navigate a world where that is not true?
Antifragile products and processes are those that don't deteriorate, but actually get better due to failures. How can we effectively make decisions about whether to continue putting more time into an idea or cut off our investment in what might be the wrong direction?
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April 24th, 2024

Agile Product Discovery: Discover to Deliver or Deliver to Discover?

With Roman Pichler
Can we discover what is needed while delivering? Roman Pichler challenges us to imagine how we can discover while delivering. Embracing Continuous Discovery while taking advantage of #Agile!
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Leveraging your Product's IP to grow the value of your company

With Bao Tran
Discover how unlocking your product's intellectual property (IP) can significantly enhance your company's value with Bao Tran, a technology entrepreneur, angel investor and patent lawyer. Listen in to learn how to transform your product's IP into a growth engine for your business.
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Professional Product Owner Career. What Might That Look Like?

With Greg Mester
Ever wondered what it takes to excel as a 'Professional' Product Owner in Agile? Join us for an enlightening session with Greg Mester, the Agile visionary transforming ideas into action. Discover the path to professional mastery and elevate your Agile game. Engage live and send your questions to Greg. Tune in, transform, and transcend your limits!
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The 9 Principles of Work Intake for Product Owners

With Jeremy Willets and Tom Cagley
Are you a Product Owner struggling with work intake? Discover how to harness the power of the 9 principles of work intake to get your project in a predictable, and impactful state. In this LIVE session, we discuss the hidden challenges that sabotage team and PO productivity and the guests offer strategic solutions to empower teams for optimal workflow. Ready to transform your approach and achieve seamless project execution?
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Unlocking PO Creativity with AI: Live Q&A with Jason Little

With Jason Little, Michael Dougherty and Pete Oliver-Krueger
Don't miss your chance to dive deeper into the future of technology with Jason Little in a live Q&A session. Following his insightful keynote at the Product Owner Summit, this session offers you a unique opportunity to engage directly with Jason.
Register now, we have limited seats available for this LIVE session with Jason
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Untrapping Product Teams

With David Pereira
Do you feel like your product team is stuck in a loop, facing the same challenges without making real progress?
Join David in 'Un-trapping Product Teams' to unlock the secrets of shifting from coordination to collaboration, overcoming common traps, and mastering product health checks. Elevate your team's success with David's insights and strategies. Don't miss this transformative session designed for breakthrough growth.
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LIVE Q&A: LIVE Q&A with Speakers - Effective Backlog Management

With Nils Hyoma and Jan Schneider
Is your team already using Story Points, Planning Poker, or the No-Estimation principle, but lacking in a more intensive exchange during requirement clarification?The complexity of backlog items can often lead to difficulties in agile projects, especially when the team lacks much experience.Enter the Backlog Refinement Cards. Their aim: to revolutionize the sprint planning and backlog refinement process and increase predictability. 
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April 25th, 2024

Peer Coaching in Product for Product Owners

With Rahul Bhattacharya
Leverage the power of the collective to coach your peers through a challenge they are currently facing.
Peer coaching is a powerful tool that supports collaboration between product roles, and encourages succinct communication and creative thinking, all in a 15 minute timebox. Come in, learn and walk away with a few different potential solutions to try addressing their challenge with.
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Rethink Product Value - a post growth redefinition of economic value

With Maryse Meinen
Join Maryse in "Rethink Product Value - a post-growth redefinition of economic value," where she'll explore beyond traditional metrics to redefine product worth. Discover how stoicism and innovative strategies reshape economic value in product development. Watch live, engage, and submit your questions to dive deeper into rethinking product value together!
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Optimize Your Product Roadmap: LIVE Product Roadmaps Q&A

With Craig Smith, Michael Dougherty and Pete-Oliver Krueger
As seats are highly limited, we urge you to register quickly to secure your participation.
Don't miss the opportunity to dive deeper into crafting outcome-oriented product roadmaps with Craig Smith in an exclusive LIVE Q&A session. This engaging session promises to provide invaluable insights for anyone looking to drive their product's success.
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We've been doing requirements wrong all along, here's what to do instead!

With Douglas Squirrel
Are you stuck with traditional "requirements"? Squirrel, with 40+ years in coding, reveals why we should think in "requests" instead. Drawing from "The Big Book of Concepts," he explores the futility of control in understanding user needs. Discover his innovative approach for tech productivity, and how his 1450 cottage in Frogholt, England influences his thinking!
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Live Q&A with David Bland on Product Discovery!

With David Bland, Michael Dougherty and Pete-Oliver Krueger
As seats are highly limited, we urge you to register quickly to secure your participation.
This session is your chance to bring forward questions and get an expert's perspective on what you are facing at the moment! This session will help you get a deeper understanding of the critical themes of product discovery, design thinking, and customer-centric development strategies.
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